Gesko #

Simple and minimal Jekyll blog. Forked from Asko. Inspired from Klisé

Both had some issues with Github Pages, so I decided to make it work by losing as few features as possible. Now easly deployable on Github Pages, with:

Features #

Backlogs #

Screenshot #

light-theme dark-theme

Installation #

Run local server:

$ git clone
$ cd Gesko
$ bundle install
$ bundle exec jekyll build
$ bundle exec jekyll serve

Navigate to localhost:4000. You’re Welcome, Fork and be Stargazer. If you want to upload it to Github Pages, remember to update the _congif.yml and if you are going to upload in a repo called, remember to update the `` to . Note that there is also a gtag in the _layouts/default.html, you should remove it.

To create new tag, create a folder in tag/ with the name of the new one. In this folder add an index.html file and just add this header:

layout: tag
tag: yourNewTag

Then build again and you’re ready!!

Contributing #

Yeaaa feel free to open a pull request.

If you see any typos or formatting errors in a post, or want to helping reduce backlogs or any other issue that needs to be addressed, please do not hesitate to open a pull request and fix it!, please read contributing before PR.

License #

This project is open source and available under the MIT License.